Importance Of One On One Time: Mom and Son Date

If you’ve been following along with my family you know I have three sweet little babies. We have Bentley who is 5, JJ is 3, and Sadie just turned 1.

We never planned on having our kids so close together. In both our families there is a good size age gap between us and our siblings. For me there is also a height gap if you can’t tell from the picture down below. I’m the shorty of my siblings. But anyways, I’m five years older than my brother, and nine years older than my sister. While my husband is five years older than his brother. That means being just two years apart from your sibling is a foreign concept to both of us.

Having kids so close together does present some challenges. They are all so young and needy right now. They all still need my help with simple task, and need lots of attention. It can be so overwhelming at times, and feelings can get hurt because one is feeling left out. Which is why I’m writing today’s post.

Over the last few months we’ve been dealing with attention issues. A few months ago it was JJ, and now it’s Bentley. Being the oldest sibling is fun, but it comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. Which my husband and I definitely understand since we’re both the oldest.

I think Bentley has started realizing that we expect more out of him then his brother and sister right now. We ask him to help with simple chores, entertain/help out with his siblings, and expect him to be on his best behavior and set an example for them. Which can be unfair and hard to understand when your three year old brother doesn’t have the same expectations right now.

This kid was definitely made to be a big brother

As of late Bentley hasn’t been himself. He’s been doing things like talking back, not wanting to share, not wanting to put forth effort during our home school time, or help with simple tasks. Along with this he is also expressing his emotions verbally as well. The thing that broke my heart the most is when he asked, “Why don’t you call me your baby anymore?” I have to say I still do, but I think because I say the phrase, “Bentley you’re not a baby anymore” gets to him.

My absolute favorite picture of me and B.

After several weeks of this,I knew it was time for a Mommy and son date. He had been asking to take me out on a date for weeks. Though we will need to have a talk eventually about how he’ll have to pay for everything when he takes his future girlfriend out. Right now, I’m footing the bill. haha

This date was offered up as a reward for good behavior. After a few bad days he got his stuff together, and he earned his date. He was super excited when I told him Mimi agreed to watch his brother and sister so we could go out. I decided that we would go do some pottery painting, have lunch at a place of his choosing, and a trip to the book store. I know your probably think, “That is a lot and it sounds expensive.” These dates don’t happen often though, which means I go all out when the chance arises. He also had a gift certificate for the pottery place, which means that was like a freebie. Thanks again Mrs. Krystal.

Here’s some pictures from our date. I tried to be as cell phone free as possible. It only came out to play tic tac toe while we waited for our food, and to snap some pictures to show Dad.

If you live in Spring Texas check out Rao’s Bakery. Amazing coffee, breakfast, lunch, and most importantly dessert!

I’ll hold his hand as long as he’ll let me.

Our pottery pieces

I loved our little day together. It’s so crazy how much he’s grown in these last few months. I loved chatting with him at lunch while we played Tic Tac Toe. I loved seeing him work so hard on his pottery, and how proud he was of it. This day just reinforced the fact that my baby is growing up, and I need to do these more often. He looks so big in that last picture……..and cue the momma tears!

If you want to start implemnting this with your children here are some ideas on things you can do toghether.

Mom and Kid Date Ideas

1. Lunch: You can go to a restaurant or have a picnic at a park.

2. Park: B actually requested to go play at the park this day. However we live in Texas, and it was still like 100 degrees on this October day. 🙄

3. Movies: I know this can be expensive, but checkout if your local theater does a discount day. Ours is every Tuesday and it’s $7.50 per ticket.

4. Trampoline Park: I even enjoy these places. Tip though from this mama after my first trip, definitely wear a sports bra and workout gear.

5. Craft Project: Y’all get to be creative and chat while working. It’s also something you can treasure, and reminder you of that special day.

6. Mani/Pedi: I can’t wait to do this with Sadie girl.

7. Book Store: My kids love being able to pick out a new book, and so do I.

8. Run Errands: I know this sounds lame, but sometimes they just want time with YOU. My mom clued me in one day that she would tell me when I was little that we were having a Mommy and Daughter Day. Then I would just run errands with her. Guess what, I only have amazing memories of those days.

9. Zoo Trip or Museum: I want to do this one time. I also want to make it even more fun by doing like a scavenger hunt.

10. Bike Ride: I haven’t done this one yet, but I imagine it being a fun day together.

Bonus Idea: Let then stay up late! You can either make it a movie or board game night.

I hope you get to do this with your kid/kids. It really is a fun time. I highly recommend it if you have more than one. You get to see so much more of their personality.

If you already implement this with your kiddo, what are some of your date ideas?

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