A Johnny Appleseed Sensory Play Date

Hey everyone! I haven’t shared one of these play dates in awhile. Since it’s fall y’all (I couldn’t help myself) , I had to throw a fall themed sensory play date. These are a huge hit in our play group. One of the few get togethers we have where all the kids are completely occupied. There’s not much crying, and all the babies leave the mamas alone. We can actually have a conversation! Crazy talk, I know.

I thought I would share with you the activities I made, and the ones the other moms brought. I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures once the fun started, so some will just be descriptions.

The first thing I made was colored noodles. I found this great idea here. Coloring the noodles the way she suggested was so easy. The noddles also didn’t have the vinegar smell. In addition to dying them, I sprinkled on some cinnamon once they were dry to add a little bit of a fall smell.


I threw all the noodles in this tiny baby pool outside for the play date. I also put in some shovels, buckets, and foam apples I bought off of amazon. They really liked this little activity. Some of the kids thought it was pretty tasty too. Hehe

The second activity I offered was bubble foam. I finally found a blog post that has a “recipe” that works. You can find it here. To make it fit into the theme I added in some red and green washable paint. It was a better option then food coloring, no staining of clothes.

The last activity I sat out was for a  little art and craft fun. I had all the moms send me a head shot of their kiddo(s), and I printed them out. I also used my handy dandy silhouette to cut out red and green apples on construction paper. I then wrote the letters of the kids’ names on the apples. I’m sure you know where this is going if you’re an avid Pinterest user. The mommas then helped the kids spell out there names and “stack” them on top of their picture. I did have one of Sadie, but no clue what happened to it. #momlife

Here are the rest of the activities that were brought by the other mommas.

🍏 Apple Tasting (Huge Hit!)

🍎 Apple Coffee Filter Craft: You just need to cut out a coffee filter in the shape of an apple, have them color it with markers, then spray with water to give it a cool tie dye affect.

🍏 Hand Print Apple Tree: Trace the child’s arm, hand to elbow area. This will be the tree stump, the hand is the top. Then glue on some crumbled up tissue paper, and little apples to make it look like an apple tree.

🍎 Apple Painting: We put out a large piece of butcher paper on a table with some paint. The mom then cut out different designs in the apple. The kids used them like stamps.

🍏 Apple Play-Doh: This one is pretty self explanatory.

In addition to the activities at this play date, I do offer snacks and drinks for the group. I always provide coffee, because what momma doesn’t need a steady stream of that? I did a trail mix for the kids. I made it with pretzels, goldfish, and Cheerios. Since this was an apple themed play date, I made homemade apple sauce.

Now for a little cuteness. Here’s some of the kiddos enjoying the play date.

If you’re part of a play group, have a close group of Mom friends, or a pre k teacher I would highly suggestion doing something like this with your kids. It’s a lot of fun and something they’ll remember.

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