It’s A Mermaid Bash!

Mermaid Bash

I can’t believe my sweet girl is ONE! Well, I can because she’s becoming more Miss. Sassy Pants now instead of my sweet baby girl. But all joking aside, I was extremely excited to plan her first birthday party/my first girl party. I’ve known since she was 6 months old that I wanted to do a mermaid theme. I’ve been pinning ideas and spending money for months. Thank goodness I have a sweet husband that has learned to just enjoy the parties, and not ask about the cost. Love you honey!

So without further ado, here is my princess’s party.

Well, before that I have to share some of her cake smash pictures again. They came out so freaking cute! Thanks to SND Photography (AKA Auntie Samantha)  in Spring,TX for these photos.

First I wanted to start off with her outfit. I found this sweet little smock at a consignment store for $12! #momwin

I also purchased this mermaid bow from my favorite shop, Hey Little Co. You should definitely go check her out. She has the sweetest bows, and the best part is they’re AFFORDABLE! Which is why Sadie’s ever growing collection is ridiculous.

Before I show you all my hard work, here is the Pinterest board I made for anything mermaid related. Anytime I saw something that stroked my interest, it went here. You’ll find ideas from other blogs for food, decor, and games.


  • Main Dish
    • Don’t Be Crabby, Have A Sandwich: Buffalo & BBQ Shredded Chicken Sliders – I also had out blue cheese crumbles and ranch as toppings for the buffalo sandwiches. Then for the BBQ ones, I had out pickles and purple onions.
    • Starfish PB&J: The goal was to have the sandwiches cut into stars, but that didn’t happen. #momlife #ididntplanoutenoughtime
    • Seashell Pasta: Greek Pasta Salad
  • Side Dishes
    • Sea Cucumbers, Crab Legs, & Seaweed Dip: Cucumbers, carrots, and ranch dip.
    • Fish Food: Watermelon (Birthday girl’s favorite) and strawberries.
    • Fish & Chips – Goldfish, veggie straws, and Ruffles
  • Drinks
    • Ocean Water: Adult Drink
    • Mermaid Punch: Blue Kool-Aide


  • Dessert
    • Sadie L-O-V-E-S ice cream and cake. Which means I had to get my sweet girl an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.



Seaweed Column and Window Scene 


Seaweed Column

Water Window Scene

Centerpieces & Mermaid Scales #1


I loved how the #1 came out.

Table and Mantel Setup 



Yes, I forgot to write in her weight and height.

Walkover Happy Birthday Sign & Outside Sign 



I picked this up at Hobby Lobby for less than $25!

Games & Activities 

  • Pin The Bow On The Mermaid


  • Pop The Bubbles


  • Ocean Sensory Table
  • Water Table
  • Two Baby Pools
  • Ride On Toys

Thank You Gifts

Instead of doing the normal goodie bag filled with candy, I decided to use Ducky Street Tattoos. They make some adorable and unique temporary tattoos for kids. Well adults too, because I love the floral ones they have on the site. I purchased 5 different sheets. Just FYI these are coming from China, so make sure you order in advance. It took about 3 weeks for mine to arrive.

I set up a table with the tattoos, a water bottle, kid safe scissors, and a towel. I also had a cork board with decorative clothespins. This was for the pictures the kids took of their ink with my Polaroid camera. The kids LOVED taking the pictures and watching them develop. This seriously was a huge hit. I hung this up in Sadie’s room as a fun memento from her party.



That was our Mermaid Bash! I loved the way everything turned out. If you have any questions about the things I used, or where I found the items, feel free to message me.

Here are some pictures of the birthday girl enjoying her special day.

Don’t forget to give this a pin!

Mermaid Bash

  • Mandi


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