Potty Training; Helpful Items & Tips

Hey y’all! I can’t believe were almost done with July! Summer has been flying by. If your interested in what we’ve been up too, click here.

We recently took on potty training our three year old, JJ. Things have been going pretty well. I think we can say he is officially potty trained. Which is super exciting! Also, yay for an extra $40 in our monthly budget.

Since we have successfully potty trained two kids now, I thought I would share with you a couple of tips and must have items that we used during the process.

1. Bathroom Necessities

Potty Seat

I went with a seat instead of a little potty for two reasons. One, I had heard from other parents that their little one refused to use the normal toilet because they had become use to their potty. Second, I think little potties are gross. No offense if you’re planning on or are using one. I just didn’t want to have to clean a potty each time they did their business. But it’s all about what works for you. I know some people think potty seats are gross.


I love this potty seat because it can hang on the side of the toilet.

Storage Container

I have this basket to store underwear in. Since we live in a two story house I bought this for our downstairs bathroom. In the beginning we go through a lot of underwear, and I mean A LOT. This saves me from having to run up to JJ’s room every time he needs a new pair. I also keep our cleaning supplies in here. I feel like there’s lots of cleaning involved the first few weeks, at least that’s true with my boys.

Step Stool

This is one is kind of obvious. This is used for getting on the big potty and reaching the sink to wash hands. Unless you have a kid like JJ. He likes to be a little monkey and climb up himself.


Light Switch Extender

This is so nice to have once they start going on their own. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing to go turn on or off the light for them. I would suggest having one on whatever bathrooms they use the most. They’re kind of expensive for what they are, but worth it.


Flushable Wipes

An obvious one.

Disinfective Wipes and Carpet Cleaner

Also, another obvious one.

2. Motivators AKA Bribes

I tried everything with Bentley when we potty trained him. I had stickers, tattoos, candy, a reward chart, and a treasure chest at some point of time. You know, all the things moms swear by. But nothing worked more than a day. What finally worked for him was pottery painting. We took him painting for his third birthday, and he absolutely loved it. After that day that was all the motivation he needed.

JJ has two motivators. The first one is candy! The kid has a ridiculous sweet tooth. I have several IG stories on his sneakiness to retrieve cookies and other sweet treats. But for a week I gave him one sour patch kid for every time he used the potty. It worked great with him. His second motivator was having a sleep over in big brother’s room. That was our saving grace when it came to going number two in the potty. That was a huge hurdle with him. But having this as a reward really helped.

3. Lots And Lots Of Underwear

I tried pull ups with both boys. My boys just saw them as cooler diapers since they had the characters from Cars on them. Also, I’m not sure what happened one morning but the pull up didn’t absorb. I started that morning off with my shorts covered in pee, and moping the floor. After that I was done with them. That’s when I decided just to deal with the mess and go straight to underwear. It went much better with both boys when I switched. We still had accidents, but much less. If your wondering what I did when we went out and JJ was still training, I just put a diaper over his underwear. That way if he did have an accident he still felt wet, but no embarrassing mess for me.

4. Helpful Potty Apps

These are the ones my kids loved. I only give them my phone when I’m trying to get them to stay on the potty longer.

  • Elmo Potty
  • Kandoo (Free)
  • Starfall
  • Netflix
  • Elmo Calls
  • Toca Monster
  • Star Fall

5. A Timer

This is just as a reminder to sit them on the potty. Whether this is your only child or third, it’s easy to forget to sit them on the potty once your day gets started. I set the timer on my oven when we’re at home, and on my phone when we are out and about. I do 30 minutes the first few days we’re training. I then increase it by 15 the longer they go without accidents. Usually by the end of the second week I’m no longer using it.

Final Thoughts

Those are my 5ish must have items and tips for potty training.

I feel like the thing I learned the most the first time around was if things aren’t going well, step back and take a break. I know some people think it’s a bad idea to start and stop. But sometimes they may not be ready yet, even if they’re showing all the signs. Trust me, it took me 6 months to potty train my oldest, and only a few weeks with JJ. I tried way to early with Bentley. With JJ I waited until he was ready, even though he started showing signs little bit before he turned three.

Just remember to be patient, this whole process can take time. It can be very frustrating. Especially when they go a whole week with no accidents, but the next week they have three in a day.

So good luck! I hope the potty training gods smile down on you.

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  • Amanda

6 thoughts on “Potty Training; Helpful Items & Tips

  1. Meghan says:

    I totally agree with you on the little potties being gross! We started out with one but then I was like, OMG this is exhausting and disgusting, so we got a regular seat with ladder thing and it was the best decision ever!! 🙂


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