A Baker Five Family Update

Hey everyone! I feel like this is my first post in months, but really it’s only been a few weeks. We’ve been super busy over here. So I thought it would be fun to give a little update on all of us.


First off, the reason I haven’t had time to post is because the stomach bug took us all down for over a week. JJ came down with it first. The poor baby was so miserable. Then we all caught it, including JJ for the second time, a few days later. Y’all, it was awful! My husband had to be Super Dad and take care of everyone. Well, until he joined us all in misery later that afternoon. Then it was rock, paper, scissors to see who had to get out of bed to get the kids water, or change a diaper. But thankfully that is all behind us. Since then we’ve had fun celebrating birthdays (we have 8 birthdays just in our family between June and August), spending time with friends, and enjoying each other.


The Bosses Of The Chaos

My husband and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on June 18th. We made a nice dinner at home, put the kids down a little early, and watched the WWE. Yes, my husband has sucked me into wrestling. It’s our little thing every Monday and Tuesday. I really look forward to hanging out on the couch with him every week, and watching something that requires zero thought. Other than that, everything else is the same with us. He’s been working hard at work, while I do the same at home.

The Big Brother

Bentley just turned FIVE! There’s something about this birthday that just got me. I swear he looks so different. He looks like an actual kid now. Zero toddler features are left.


We celebrated his birthday by having a glow party at Pump It Up. All the kids had a blast, as well as the adults. Here’s a little video I made to show how much he’s grown.


JJ The Potty Master……Well Almost


As you can see from above, JJ has taken on potty training. It’s gone a lot better than I thought it would honestly. I had nightmares about potty training him since he’s so stubborn. But we’re so close to saying he’s potty trained! He just hasn’t made it a full week without an accident, which is how I qualify being done. But I’m so proud of this kid, and happy that our diaper budget is decreasing by $40.


The Princess


Sadie is 10 months old. This girl brings so much happiness to each one of us. Her little personality is really starting to show. She’s the fastest crawler and so sneaky. She was able to pull off something pretty impressive a few weeks ago. This little cutie was able to get past SIX moms, and crawl up the stairs at our last play date. I should mention I wasn’t watching her because I was occupied with JJ in the bathroom. She’s also started standing on her own without assistance. So I think that means will have a walker on our hands within a month or so. Which I’m kind of looking forward to since she’ll be slower. She loves to play with the big kids and trying new food. She’s recently discovered that food is AMAZING!


She is a huge tortilla fan! 

What’s To Come

We’re down to the last month before our big family vacation, and we’re all pumped. My whole family, I believe there’s 14 of us, are heading to Florida for a week at the beach. I can’t wait to share all the fun!

This is from our last trip 2 years ago. JJ was only 6 months old!

I’m also starting to prep for Sadie’s first birthday. Where has the last year gone? Just like B’s big birthday, this one is getting to me. Not just because she’s one, but because she is our last baby. I’ll write more on my feeling towards that later, but right now they’re all over the place.



Thank y’all for taking the time to read this post, and supporting this tiny blog. I can’t wait to get some new post up.


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