You’re A Wizard Jaxson! A Harry Potter Nursery

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite room in the house, Jaxson’s room.

Just like every kid, teen, and adult; I fell in love with the Harry Potter series in the early 2000’s. I remember the summer I watched the first movie, and then how I begged my mom to take me to the book store to purchase the books. I blew through the first five books that summer. Looking back, it really makes me miss the days when you could just shut the world out and fall head first into a book.

Fast forward to 2014 when I found out we were having our second sweet baby boy. I knew I had to do a Harry Potter nursery.

I had thought about doing it for Bentley, but at the time it seemed too overwhelming. So why not go for it when you have a 16 month old and are eight months pregnant.

It was a lot of searching for the right pieces and work. But I don’t think it could of come together any better.

First up is the Hedwig wall. Though it may look complicated, this wall was rather simple. All I did was google Hedwig coloring sheet, found one I liked, and traced it. After that I just had to pop it up on the wall using a projector and paint it on.

I also placed the crib in this area. I had a difficult time finding crib bedding. It was either way too cheesy or expensive. After weeks of searching I decided to go with a patchwork style. It reminded me of the sweet Weasley family.

The picture on the right is his current bed. It’s suppose to be like the boats the students take to Hogwarts when they arrive for the first time. We just took the mast off Bentley’s old pirate bed. Not super close to what you see in the movie, but good enough.

Next up is the wall of pictures. I wanted it to have the vibe of the hallways of Hogwarts. Luckily, my sister actually went to the theme park that year. She was able to capture some great pictures for it. I also threw in some of my maternity pictures, the books, and little objects found in the stories. You’ll see Harry’s glasses, a snitch, a pixie, character Pop!(s), and of course some wands.069825df-2b6b-4a1b-b17e-e02701f353aa.jpg

The third wall is a forest scene, and probably my favorite. This was inspired by the last book when they’re in hiding and trying to destroy the horcrux. You’ll also see a tent on this side of the room to represent the one they stayed in. In the trees is one of my favorite quotes from J. K Rowling, along with Harry’s patronus. This part of the room feels so magical to me.5caeb763-5802-46ce-bc0b-e12323e1e803.jpg

Here’s the last wall in the room. I added a little quote about all the characters and some little knick knacks. You’ll also find the adorable mobile my friend made for JJ. It has all the items needed to play Quidditch.


Since the boys have a jack and jill bathroom, I had to decorate the portion you can see in his room. I decided to go with the dark purple I used for the lettering on the other walls, and just added some decals. By far the easiest project.

This is one of the few times I felt like the idea I dreamt up had come to life. I told my husband it will forever be the Harry Potter room.

I also have to share some of my sweet photos of baby JJ. Of course we had to do some Harry Potter themed newborn and one year photos.

Photos by AD Photography, Houston TX

Photos by SND Photography, Spring TX

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– Mandi

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