The Fun Jar Series: Sidewalk Foam Paint

Hey y’all! We’re officially into week two of summer break. This week we’re finally getting into our summer schedule. Well, we’re working our way into it. Something always seems to cause a hiccup. This week it was our upstairs AC. I decided to start sleep training Sadie, and the AC decided it would be a great time to stop working.  So an 86 degree upstairs means, I’ll just get to start that process all over again next week when the AC is fixed.

Even though we had that issue, we were able to work in our first two activities from the Fun Jar. If you haven’t read my original post on this great summer activity, check it out here.

I thought I would do little reviews throughout the summer on some of the activities we do. I love Pinterest, but sometimes the activities are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Here’s how one of our activities went.

Activity #1

Original pin

Sidewalk Foam Paint 

Cost Of Supplies

It only cost me around $9. Most of the items you’ll need are found around the house on a daily basis. I already had ziplocks, food coloring, and flour. I bought the glue and shaving cream for $3 at the Dollar Tree. The squeeze bottles were from the Target Dollar Spot, so naturally they were $6. Overall a cheap activity in my book.


This is a rather easy activity, just a lot of mixing. Since my kids are younger they were happy to help with all the steps.

Fun Jar Ranking

I would give this activity a 7. When I asked Bentley what he thought he said, “I liked it Mom, it was fun.” Yes, my 4 1/2 and 3 year old call me Mom. I absolutely hate it. I never really had the Mommy phase.

Pros and Cons


– There was zero fighting the WHOLE time. #momwin

– They loved helping with all the steps. It was a great way to work on how to follow instructions, review numbers, and talk about measurement.

– They were able to be creative with it.

– It kept them entertained for at least 30 minutes outside.

Cons/Things I Would Do Differently

– I would use the zipper type ziplocks. The normal ones kept opening up.

– I would suggest using smaller squeeze bottles or make double the mixture.

– Our mixture was really thick, and the boys had a hard time squeezing it out at times. I ended up adding probably a tablespoon or two of water to the mixture. It helped so much.

– I would use the washable water coloring, like this, next time. It was too much trying to keep them out of it.

– It was super hard to wash off the driveway. I would definitely not let this sit, especially if your husband is weird about having a “clean” driveway.


This is what happens if you add to much water.

That’s it! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see when we do our next FuN JaR activity!

Also don’t forget to pin this to your Pinterest board!

Before you go, check out my girl go. I think will have a walker for sure by her first birthday.

– Mandi

11 thoughts on “The Fun Jar Series: Sidewalk Foam Paint

  1. Amy Amphonephong says:

    I love this review. I often see pins and wonder how well they result work. Your tips and changes you’d make were very helpful! Can’t wait to try this with my kids.


  2. lldameron says:

    Ugh I can SO RELATE to the stupid AC issue. Or just the fact that life always seems to like throwing those fun obstacles in the mix, right when you have something (like sleep training) you’re trying to accomplish. Anyway, alls well that ends well, and this looks so fun! Hope the sleep training go well 🙂

    -Laurel @


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