Summer Reading List

Hey y’all! It is definitely feeling like summer here in Houston. It has officially reached the point where the AC must be on full blast at least half the car ride, and I have to peal myself off my leather seats.

Since summer break is here, I thought I would put together a summer reading list. I started a book club with some of the other moms in my play group back in December. I have actually read a book a month since then. Which is the most I’ve read since having kids. I’ll also be honest and say I have an audible superscription. Which means I can “read” while I do laundry or run errands. It’s all about multitasking when you’re a mom.

My favorite types of books to read are YA fantasy and mysteries. But thanks to my book club I am starting to venture out a little more.

This reading list has two sections. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, as well as, share with you the books that I have come across the last few months.

First up are my favorites:

  1. Confessions Of A Domestic Failure: (Mom Fiction) This was a book club read and one of my new favorites. It was a super easy read and very relatable. I saw a lot of myself in this character. If you want a good laugh and not feel alone in this mom journey, give this one a read.
  2. The Couple Next Door:  (Mystery) Talk about a page turner, so much so that I finished it over a weekend. It’s only 300 or so pages, so not a huge commitment. You’ll never believe all the secrets these characters keep, or how it ends.
  3. The Girl On The Train: (Mystery) I definitely didn’t see this one ending the way it did. I thought this was a great mystery. It really kept you guessing.
  4. Storm Born – Dark Swan Series: (Fantasy) This series is four books total. It’s about a shaman that banishes spirits to another world. But she realizes that she has more ties to this other world then she knew. The first book in the series is a little slow to get started. But once it does, it’s hard to put down.
  5. Vampire Academy – Vampire Academy Series: (Young Adult – Fantasy) I L-O-V-E this series. It’s one that I could definitely reread. If you love stories about friendship, love, mystery, and vampires this is the book for you.

Now for the ones I want to read.

  1. Women Are Scary: (Mom Non Fiction) I heard about this book a couple of months ago. It’s about the stages of mom dating, something I can really relate to in this stage of life. Because let’s be real, finding mom friends really is like dating.
  2. Girl, Wash Your Face: (Self-Help) I feel like every mom on Instagram has read this one, and everyone raves about it. It says each chapter starts off with a lie she use to believe she had to live up to. I know I do this to myself all the time. I can’t wait to finally sit down to read this one. It sounds very uplifting.
  3. Behind Closed Doors (Thriller): I was really intrigued after reading the synopsis on this one. It’s about the picture perfect couple that seem a little off when you start noticing things. It says the wife knows she can’t go to the dinner her friends invited her to without her husband. Her friends also notice there are bars on the bedroom window.
  4. One Of Us Is Lying (YA Mystery): One of the ladies in my book club suggested this one last month, and I was really sad it didn’t win. It’s synopsis sounds like breakfast club but with murder. Five kids that don’t know each other walk in into dentition, but only four walk out.
  5. Throne Of Glass Series (YA Fantasy): My really good friend suggested this one, and her suggestions have never been wrong. This one is about a girl who must earn her freedom by acting as the King’s champion in the competition to find a new royal assassin.
  6. Red Queen Series (YA Fantasy): I’ve read the first book in this series before I had Sadie and loved it! It gives me a little bit of  a Hunger Games vibe but with magical powers. So if you liked Hunger Games, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Now I know I’ll be lucky if I read one of the books on my “Want To Read List” but at least I’m trying right? I feel like I am so bad about making time for myself. Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax and I need to make it more of a priority. Even if it’s only for the 15 minutes before the kids wake up in the morning.

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Happy Reading!

  • Mandi

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