Make Summer Easy: A Fun Jar Packed With Ideas For Kids

This summer will be the first one in three years where the kids will not be attending a summer camp, and I’m not pregnant. Which means all three kids will be home all day, everyday. That also means, margaritas will be flowing at the Bakers’ house this summer.

Joking aside I truly am looking forward to having all the kids at home. That being said, I know I need to keep them busy for their sanity and mine.`

To help with this, I decided to make us a summer bucket list. This way the kids and I have something to look forward to each week. These activities will also work as incentives for good behavior, AKA bribes. Don’t judge.

These activities will range from trips to the zoo, the space center, or other local attractions. While others will be cheap/free activities at home. I’ve been pinning ideas for the last few weeks. You can check out my board here.

I want to make sure the boys feel involved in planning our summer weeks; which is why I decided to do The Fun Jar. This will be the way we pick our bucket list items. 3bfd43e4-cb6f-41ef-a61f-cde98540e88c This jar will contain the summer activities the boys picked out, along with the ones I chose from my Pintrest board. I wrote them all down on color coded popsicle sticks. That way they don’t pick a “outing” activity if its not in the budget that week, or multiple outdoor ones.

Here are the finished sticks.


To help me prepare for each week I made this little weekly printable.

Watermelon Planner

I have a spot for all our activities and supplies. There’s also a space for play dates, important dates, my budget, and a look into the next week. The target will be doing two Fun Jar activities per week. The days we do them will be based on our schedule that week. We have things like baby boot camp (thats for me), swim lessons, Mimi Days (my mother in law is awesome), play dates, and pool days with Coco (my sister is amazing too) to work around.

Next week will be our first week of summer. Since this coming week is so busy, I went ahead and let Bentley choose our first two activities. But once summer gets into full swing, I’ll have them pick the next week’s activities on Wednesday. That way I have time to prep.

He’s pretty excited about his first two choices. He picked an outside and inside activity for our first week home. We will be making Sidewalk Foam Paint and doing some Cup Bowling.


I will be doing a weekly/biweekly post on all the fun we’re having. I’ll share with you the activities that were a hit, and the ones that were a bust. So make sure you subscribe to the blog so you can follow along, and on Instagram.

If you think your kids would love these activities as well, today is your lucky day. I made you a list of all the activities I picked along with the links. You also can get my weekly planner. Both come in two fun summer designs.

Activities + Links_ Pineapple                                              Activities + Links_Watermelon

Weekly Planning List – Pineapple                                      Weekly Planning List – Watermelon

Happy summer, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Don’t forget to add this to your Pinterest board. 

Summer Bucket List Kid Edition

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11 thoughts on “Make Summer Easy: A Fun Jar Packed With Ideas For Kids

  1. Anna says:

    What a clever idea to keep everyone on track and busy this summer. I find without advanced planning we settle into a blah routine… but with a fun jar, it’d spice things up.


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