What’s In My Splash Pad Bag

Hey y’all! Since summer break is right around the corner, I thought I would share with you my must haves in my splash pad bag.

1. Towels:

I bought these at Target in the Dollar Spot. Which means they were actually $3. Hahaha But I’ve had these for two years now and they’re holding up great. Not pictured are the kids’ two towels from the Disney store. I wait every year for them to go on sale. They’re great quality, and my kids love anything with their favorite characters on them. You can also get their names embroidered if you buy them online. Which comes in handy if your kids like the same stuff. No fighting over who’s towel is who’s.

2. Freezer Bags

I use these as wet bags. They usually last the whole summer. When I pull the wet suits out I just turn the bags inside out so they can dry. This is also were I keep them once they’re washed. That way I don’t have to go search for them every time.

I also use one as a snack bag. I try to keep it full at all times. Moms with snackers you probably understand why. Leaving the house without snacks is just setting yourself up for failure. If I keep it full I never have to worry about it. I keep things like granola bars, apple sauce pouches, raisins, puffs, and goldfish in it. Pretty much things I know won’t go bad.

3. Diapers, Wipes, and Changing Pad

This is an obvious one like the towels. I keep this all in there so I don’t have to bring my diaper bag. I keep two swim diapers and two normal ones in their for each kid. Hopefully by the end of summer JJ’s diapers will no longer be in there.

Some other basic no brainer items are;

– sunscreen

– diaper trash bags

– swim shoes

– bug spray (worst part about summer is the mosquitoes)

– wet bag to keep my things in

4. Swim toys

These aren’t necessaryly in my bag but always in my car. I usually try to bring some water buckets, squirt guns, and balls.

5. Water Bottles

This is just so I don’t have to search for them before we go. I’m all about making my life less stressful these days. Sometimes that means buying multiples of one item.

5. Change Of Clothes

I guess this falls into the obvious category as well. But I try to keep a dry clothes in their for two reasons. One, that way I can run errands afterwards if need be. Two, sometimes my kids like to play at the splash pad in their normal clothes. This usually happens when we go to a park with one. I’ll ask them, you know 100 times, if they’re sure they don’t want to put their swim suit on. The answer will always be no. But when we leave, they’re magically soaked.

6. A Good Bag

This bag is my favorite. It’s super sturdy, can get wet, and holds everything.


That’s a look into my splash pad bag. Here it is all packed up.

Also don’t forget to throw things in there for you too. Like a good book, phone charger, or snacks. I know I’ll probably only get to read 3 pages in two hours, and have half my snacks will be eaten by them. But a Mom can dream right?

Don’t forget to pin to reference later!

  • Mandi

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