A Sensory Play Day: A Play Date All Kids Will Love

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to share with you how to throw a fun sensory play date for your kids and their little friends.

I’ve been doing these little get togethers for my littles the last 4 months. They’re a huge hit with our play group, and the kids absolutely love them.

Step 1: Invite The Mommas and The Littles

I set up a Facebook invite. It’s way easier to invite everyone and post reminders. I plan it a month in advance to make sure we have a good turn out. I also request for each Mom to bring an activity if they can. I invite 10-15 friends each time. I usually have 8-10 show up.

Step 2: Picking Your Activities

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest you can use. Some require very little prep while others can be a little more work. Check out my board on Pinterest that I have just for these play dates.

My favorite activities to have for the kids are super simple. I always have a sand and rice tub. This requires no set up, it’s cheap, and can be reused several times. The kid favorite though is definitely the water beads tub. I purchase mine from Amazon.

I also try to put out a new activity each time. This month I did an ice block with toys frozen in the ice. The kids then use tools to break them out. It surprisingly was a huge hit. It kept the kids entertained for quite a bit.

Here are the activities for this month.

I also had out chalk, bubbles, balls, and all our ride on toys. There was a lot for them to choose.

Step 3: Snacks and Drinks

Here was my snack spread this month:

  1. goldfish
  2. pineapple
  3. mini blueberry + chocolate chip muffins

I used this recipe from Pinterest. I did modify it a bit. I used 1 cup of lactose free milk instead of a 1/2 and a 1/2c chocolate chips.

4. Apple Donuts

I found the idea for these here. I did do it a little different though than the original pin. I used whipped mixed berry cream cheese and Nutella for the spread.

I always have coffee and one other beverage. This month is was tea with my favorite Torani syrup, sugar free raspberry. Most of the time though, I do lemon and cucumber water.

Step 4: Pick A Spot

Now I had a very brave friend have a play date like this inside her house. She put down a plastic covering all over her living room. I am not that brave. I am lucky enough though to have a very long driveway, so that is where we have ours. It makes clean up super easy. I would just try to pick an area you don’t mind getting dirty and is easy to clean.

Step 5: Set Up & Enjoy

I set up the outside the morning of the event. I try to keep things like the water beads and sand/rice far apart. I made the mistake once of putting them right next to each other. It was absolutely disgusting. The water beads had to get thrown away after only one use. I also bring out our pop up play pin and jumper for the babies. Don’t forget to set up some seating for the Moms. I usually ask them to bring their own folding chairs since I don’t have enough for everyone. But that’s pretty much it. I then get to enjoy chatting with friends and watching our kid’s throughly enjoy themselves. Here’s some of the fun that was had this month.

I can’t wait for our next get together! I think the next one will be a full on messy water one.

If you want to do this for your littles, don’t forget to pin.

– Mandi

10 thoughts on “A Sensory Play Day: A Play Date All Kids Will Love

  1. Katie Stephens says:

    Love it! Seems like so much fun! I would love to do this on our concrete drive way and invite some of our cousin/friends! I followed your Pinterest so that I can continue to get ideas for activities!


    • thebakerfive says:

      I just make a private event. I then invite moms from the play group that I’ve know for awhile, and my other close friends. I would love to open it up for the play group I’m in, but that’s a lot of kiddos. Lol


  2. Kim says:

    Omg they kids do look like they are having a blast. My play dates are Never this organized and usually are spontaneous. Need to be more organized after reading this.


    • thebakerfive says:

      I plan this a month in advance to make sure I’m prepared. If not it would not be this organized. Haha The kids have so much fun though. One of the littles calls my house, “the fun house.”


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