DIY: Simple But Beautiful Bike Wheel Wreath

It’s my favorite type of post, a DIY! Crafting truly is my happy place. It relaxes my nerves and takes the stress away.

This week’s little project is a spring wreath. A few weeks ago I went to Round Top for their huge antique week. I knew I had to find another old bike rim to make a wreath. I absolutely love the way the one I made for Sadie’s room came out. If you haven’t read about her room and all of the DIYs I did for that, click here. Here  is a picture though of the wreath I made for her door.


Back to today’s project. I was able to find a bike rim at the festival! It was at the very last stop.

The next day I went to Michael’s to find stuff to decorate it. I feel like Michael’s has a better floral department then Hobby Lobby. Luckily, they were running a sale on their spring items that day, along with a 20% off coupon including sale items. Crafter win! Here are all the goodies I found.

Then I sat down to get started. First I wrapped the tire with the garland.

As you can tell, it didn’t quite wrap around the entire rim. Which was fine because I knew I was going to add the little metal flower holder. After that I just started adding the other greenery and flowers. I didn’t glue anything down. I just used floral wire to hold everything in place. I decided that I wanted the option to reuse this later in the year. I have some good ideas for Halloween.

Here is my finished product.

Just like most of my little DIYs, that’s it. Super simple! I absolutely love my new wreath.

Don’t forget to pin it if you want to give it a go.

  • Mandi

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