Baker Boys Approved Art Activity

Hello everyone! I haven’t shared a kiddo activity in few weeks. Things have been busy over here, and the boys have been full of attitude. But the other day I finally had time to try out a fun little activity with them. It’s definitely a keeper and perfect for the soon to be hot summer days.

What is it you ask? Water gun painting! I saw a pin on Pinterest for it a long time ago, and decided to give it a shot. Here are the supplies you’ll need.


  1. Canvas: We used an 8×10.
  2. Washable paint: Just FYI even this kind stained my driveway. I think it will come off. I just need more water pressure.
  3. Paint Pods: I’m not quite sure if this is what these little things are called. It’s what Crayola paint comes in. These were just used to mix the paint, so anything will do really.
  4. Water guns: I suggest at least two per kid.

I started off by letting the boys pick a color. I was running low on paint, so I just added water to the paint pods. This thinned it up so I could pour it into the hole of the water gun. I would try to keep the paint as thick as possible. Since I had to add additional water to the gun, the paint would sometimes become too watery if I put to much in the paint pod. Then when the boys would spray the canvas, it would just run down it.

Once the water guns were filled, the boys started painting. As mentioned above, I would suggest having at least two or three guns per kid. That way when they run out of paint in one, they’re not waiting on you to fill it. That was my mistake. They were pretty patient while I filled them. However, the one not waiting always seemed to be getting into to trouble since I wasn’t watching as closely. Like when JJ started squirting himself in the face. But anyways, that’s it y’all! A super fun, interactive, and creative art project. It kept my boys busy until I ran out of paint. Mom win!! Check out the video below to see all the fun that was had, and what they named their masterpiece.



Make sure to pin this to your Pinterest board.

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