A Weekend With The Bakers: Easter Edition

Hey everyone! I hope you had a weekend full of fun, tradition, and some rest. I know we did! Well maybe not so much of the rest portion.

It started off with Easter Chapel and brunch at Bentley’s school. I had to miss this last year since I was working part time. I was so excited to go this year. Bentley’s favorite day at school is Chapel day. I have received many videos from my sister of him dancing and singing. One of the many perks of a family member working at your child’s school. I couldn’t wait to finally see it in person. He didn’t disappoint me. I loved seeing him enjoy himself and interacting with all the kids from his class. Bentley was a pretty shy kid before we enrolled him. It was wonderful to see that it has payed off and he’s much more social. It also warmed my mommy heart to see him showing off his little sister. He told everyone about her new teeth. I’m so glad I was able to make this memory with him this year.

The following day we had a fun little egg hunt with our play date friends. Then that night the boys went over to Pappy and Nanny’s house for a sleepover. They absolutely love sleep overs with the grandparents. It probably has something to do with the fact that they get loaded up on sugar and get to do whatever they want. My husband and I  love it too since we get to have some one on one time with Sadie, and get to talk to each other with minimal interruptions. There’s also the perk of much needed somewhat uninterrupted sleep. My poor husband was expecting a night full of binge watching Jessica Jones. Instead he had a passed out wife and daughter by 10:30.

Friday was spent hanging out at B-52 with my sister and her boyfriend. This wasn’t planned but it was just to much of a beautiful day not to take a trip out there. This time we remembered to bring some food though. That probably saved us about $40. We always think we’ll be fine, but then end up ordering from whatever food truck is there. So mom win since I packed the snack bag. The boys had so much fun playing with all the other kids that were there that day. We played phase 10 while they played chase.

Saturday my in-laws came over for an early Easter dinner. My mother in law was nice of enough to make dinner and bring it over. Sadie was a huge fan of her meal. She tried everything and l-o-v-e-d the asparagus. That was the first time she actually wanted to eat food. She is still strictly breast milk. She hasn’t shown much interest in food no matter how hard I try. It was nice to see her enjoying something different and a little sad. That to me means that my sweet girl is growing up. I’m definitely having mixed emotions with this little one’s firsts. Since she is our last one, every first is a little bit of a stab in the heart. I can’t believe the baby phase of our life is coming to a close. But no more depressing talk, after dinner the kids went through their Easter basket from Mimi and Pawpaw. Their favorite items were the water balloons and confetti eggs. We then did a little confetti egg hunt, and of course a confetti egg fight. They had a blast smashing them on everyone’s head and feet.

Sunday was a big day for us. Once the boys woke up we went through the goodies the Easter bunny had left. The boys loved all the little items. JJ loved the finger flings and B loved the tic tac toe game. Sadie just wanted to see what everyone else got. After getting everyone some breakfast we had to get ready for all of my family to come over. We were having what’s turning into our annual Easter crawfish boil. My dad is the cook while the rest of us help him with the prep work. We throw a lot of stuff in our boil besides the normal crawfish, potatoes, and corn. We also do sausage, mushrooms, shrimp, snow crab, and brussle sprouts. After everyone ate the kids received more Easter goodies and we had another egg hunt. Once everyone left we had a fun little water balloon fight to close out the weekend. The boys had a blast getting me and the husband.

Wow that was a lot. That explains why I didn’t take Bentley to MDO today, as well as, why we all slept in till 10. But it was all totally worth it and some great memories were made.

That weekend was one for the books.

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