Update: Let’s Be On Time For Once

Today I wanted to share with you how I did on my March goal. If you forgot what it was or didn’t catch the post, click here.

I feel like this month’s goal went really well! I really feel like our mornings have been running much smoother and are less stressful. Here’s what worked and what was a flop.

What was successful: 

Prepping Clothes For The Week 

Those weekly organizers have been so helpful. I have been setting them up every Sunday night before bed. I pick out their outfits, clean underwear, diapers, and socks. So literally everything I need for them besides shoes. It also lets me see how soon I need to get to the their laundry baskets. This has probably been my favorite item I’ve added to our routine.

Lunch Prepping

Bentley has loved helping me fix his lunch on school days. If I have him do it, he makes it the day before while I’m making dinner. That way I can help him if he needs it. He’s a big PB&J fan, so spreading can be a little hard still. I think he really enjoys having this little job.

Mom Time

I’ve also been doing pretty good with waking up earlier. Now don’t get me wrong, I still sleep in occasionally. Though for the most part I’m up and ready to go by 6:30 each day. I have really enjoyed that time in the morning for myself. I make breakfast, drink my coffee, surf social media, and work on my blog. It puts me in a good mood, and I feel less rushed. I get a chance to wake up and do what I want.

What was a failure;

Alarm Clock

This specific alarm clock was a failure. It’s really neat with the lights and stars. However, it’s really confusing to set up. I had to have my husband try after my fifth attempt. There is also no setting for what days you would like it to go off. Which if it did wake him would be really annoying. The sounds aren’t very wakeful either. They all sound like lullabies. One thing it has going for it though is it’s volume. So loud! I can hear it from my room downstairs. But I think because it plays relaxing songs, it doesn’t even make him stir. He never woke up once because of it. But I did start bringning Sadie with me when I head up to get him. I’ve also started waking him up at 7 instead of 7:15. That has seemed to help. He loves talking to Sadie first thing in the morning. I plan on purchasing him a different alarm in the near future. I just haven’t found one I like yet.

Overall, I feel like March’s goal was a huge success. Now to keep up with it next month. Make sure to come back next Tuesday to see what April’s goal is.

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