5 Birthday Party Ideas Any Kid Would Love

A few weekends ago we celebrated our little man’s third birthday. I wanted to share with you our fun little party, and some of the parties we’ve thrown in the past for the boys.

First up is Bentley’s first birthday. When he was born it was all about the nautical decor. Naturally, so was his first birthday. I had so much fun making everything for this one. A great bonus was his birthday is a July 3rd, which meant all the red, white, and blue decorations were on sale.

Next up was Monster Inc.! Bentley loved Mike and Sulley this particular year. I had that movie memorized. We still have some of the decorations from this party in the playroom.

Then it was time for JJ’s first birthday. I am obsessed with his one year old photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

These aren’t on theme for his party, but his nursery is Harry Potter. I’ll be sharing his room in a few weeks.

Ok after all that cuteness overload, here is his actual party. We chose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him. He loved Mickey.

Then came the super heroes. Bentley has been OBSESSED with super heroes since he turned two. His third birthday was any and all super heroes. I went all out for this one. We had so much fun that day. My husband even bought a blow up Baymax costume to wear.

We still have some of the decor from this party in his room. I think this is how I justify the money I spend on these party. I try to reuse decor as much as I can.

For JJ’s Birthday party this year we did a repeat of his second birthday. We had it at Pump It Up! If you haven’t had a party their yet; it is a must. It’s a fantastic time, you have your own private room the whole party, and very little work for the mom.

JJ wanted a PJ Mask party this year. I of course had to make us all matching shirts. Below you will see my supplies, design, and finished shirts. They were a hit at the party.

Since I cannot find JJ’s shirt, here’s a picture of everyone else’s.

I have seriously searched the entire house for that kid’s shirt. I have no clue what happened to it. A picture of him in it will have to do.

I also made party favors that I ended up not using. I forgot we were doing a pinata. I figured all the parents would kill me if I gave their kids candy and rice krispy treats. The boys have enjoyed munching on them the last few days. But below you will see the thank you tags I made, and the rice krispy treats. I wanted something on theme. I dyed each batch a different color to represent the characters. I then cut them into squares and wrapped them up in plastic wrap.

Here is JJ giving an explanation on what each color represents.

Here are some pictures from the actual party. Thank goodness for my sister. If it wasn’t for her I would have zero pictures of JJ’s party. I was so caught up watching him have a blast, I forgot to take any.

I love all the pictures she was able to capture. You can see the pure joy in his little face. Which makes every penny we spent completely worth it.

Don’t forget to give this a pin!

– Mandi

17 thoughts on “5 Birthday Party Ideas Any Kid Would Love

  1. BethBrookeandCompany says:

    Oh, I love them all, but I especially love the first red, white, and blue party! I told my husband I wanted to plan our next baby for around July 4th so we could do a patriotic themed party! So much fun! As a mama to spring babies, I would love a summer birthday party!

    We had my daughters third birthday party this weekend. I will be posting details soon at bethbrookeandcompany.com


    • thebakerfive says:

      Do you know useless information as well about all the super heroes? I love planning their parties. I can’t wait to share Sadie’s in a few months, I’m already planning.


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