It’s DIY Day: Texas Breweries Beer Cap Shadow Box

Hello out there! I hope you are having a fabulous day.

Today on the blog I wanted to share a little project I did for my husband. If you haven’t noticed from my weekend blog posts, we spend a little bit of time at breweries. That is because craft beer is my husband’s “hobby.” I know more about beer than I care to admit.

Since this is his hobby, he has quite a large beer cap collection. Which is were today’s project comes in.

I decided to make him a beer cap shadow box. He requested for me to make him a decal like the the shirt I made him for our anniversary last year.

Here is said shirt.

It’s a list of all his favorite Texas beers. Well at least all but two. Someone was half listening when I said, ” hey what are your favorite Texas beers?” He heard, “hey what are your favorite beers?” I just got lucky and majority of his favorites are from Texas.

This time around though he wanted a list of his favorite Texas breweries.

All you’ll need for this project is

1. Shadow Box, I chose a 12×12

2. Silhouette Program

3. Adhesive Vinyl, I chose white

4. Weeding Tools

5. Transfer paper

I opened up my cameo program and began. After playing around with placement and word size I had a design I loved.

After designing I cut it out on white matte adhesive vinyl.

Then I began the task of weeding. I taped the vinyl down on my table since it was curling up on me.

Once I was done I transferred it to the shadow box. This part is always a little tricky for me. You don’t want a crooked decal.

Once I had it on my husband drilled in a round whole at the top. Before he had been taking off the back of the shadow box to put them in. It did mess up the frame a tiny bit. But luckily you can’t see it.

That was it!

Here is the finished product.

My husband is one of those hard to buy for guys. But if it’s beer related I can never go wrong. He loved it and couldn’t wait to share it on some local craft beer Facebook pages.

Don’t forget to give this a pin!

– Mandi

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