Spring Break With The Bakers

H-A-P-P-Y Monday everyone!

I feel like this meme describes me perfectly right now…….monday

It’s always rough the first few days after a holiday. Especially if RJ takes time off. It’s so nice to have the back up and to spend some extra time with him.

On to today’s post. I wanted to share with y’all our spring break. Anyone else think it’s weird we had spring break before actual spring started. I feel like this week off gets earlier each year.

The weather was beautiful all week but not really warm enough for any water activities until the last day. But I’m sure that hot and humid Texas weather will be here soon and we’ll be dreaming of fall.

The break started off pretty lazy. We did some play dates and went to the doctor for well checks. JJ had his 3 year check up while Sadie had her 6 month check up. Both are doing really  well. We just need to work on JJ’s attitude towards food. That has made this week “loads of fun”. There’s never a dull moment when you’re dealing with a hangry three year old.


Wednesday was our fun day. We decided to crash my sister and boyfriend’s day trip to Austin, or as B says “Awwsten”. We loaded up the car that morning and set off. The first stop was at a new Texas staple, Buc-ee’s.

If you’re not from Texas, let me explain this place.img_3960 First of all, it’s a gas station. Yes, I know, weird. They have tons of snacks, icee machines, a bakery and deli, shopping, and the best public bathrooms you will ever see. The bathrooms are super clean, private, and there are tons of them. We stopped here for breakfast and snacks. Here’s the boys taking in the store for the first time.

After spending 20 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted for breakfast and snacks for the day we were back on the road. The boys had to take a picture with the Buc-ee statue before heading out. Which is funny because when we first pulled up they both refused to go anywhere near it. Kids are crazy. The rest of the trip you always knew when we passed a Buc-ee’s. You would hear JJ from the backseat saying, “Bye Buc-ee”, as we drove by.

We finally arrived around 1. Our first stop was a beautiful park called Zilker Metropolitan Park.  The boys loved it! They have a cute little play ground, you can check out Barton Springs, and there is a train to ride. Unfortunately the line for the train was to long. The boys weren’t to happy.

After checking out this section we drove across the street to the botanical gardens. It was beautiful.

My sister was nice enough to take some much needed updated family photos for us.


After that we went to Pint House Pizza for lunch. We had some great pizza and pretzels. Sadie even tried out the pizza.

After lunch we drove 30 minutes out to visit the Family Business Brewery. If you’re a fan of Supernatural you probably know what I’m talking about. It was opened up by Jensen Ackles. Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty also has a food truck there. Unfortunately we weren’t able to try the food this time since we had just eaten.  It was really nice and peaceful. They also have a great little ENCLOSED (best thing ever) playground.

We finally headed home after this stop. It was a great quick little get away with the family. Bentley has already asked several times about when were going back. I’m not sure if he loved Austin that much, or just wants to visit Buc-ee’s one more time.

The rest of the week was pretty laid back. I’m sad that is over but I’m looking forward to our adventures over the next few months.

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