Holiday Fun: St. Patrick’s Day

Hello everyone! Since St. Patrick’s Day is this week I wanted to share with you some of the fun activities I have planned for the boys.


I want to share with my oldest what exactly this holiday it about and why we celebrate it. I found this quick little video that does just that for me.

The History Of St. Patrick’s Day by theESOLodyssey


After discussing the video I plan on reading this book with them. It’s about how children try to catch leprechauns every year with different traps but can’t. This will play into one of our activities.



I want to practice some sight words with my oldest son while I read. I went ahead and highlighted a couple of the words that I want to work on in the book.

Clover Search

The next day were going to play a little game with these clovers I made.


I printed out two copies of each sheet and laminated them.

My oldest needs review on letters and numbers. While the little one needs work on his colors and shapes. What I plan on doing is taping these up all over the house. The kids will have to find whatever letter, number, color, or shape I ask for. Then I’ll have them do the following:


  1. spell out name
  2. give a sound and find the letter
  3. count out counting bears then find that number


  1. call out a color to find
  2. match the colored bear to a clover
  3. match the shapes up to the correct clover

Here are some of the other supplies I’ll use while we do this activity.


We’ll also do some sensory activities with these clovers too. Like hiding them in the sand box, water beads, or dry noodles.


Leprechaun Trap

Lastly if we have time I’m going to have them build a leprechaun trap like the ones we read about in the book. I have a BUNCH of craft supplies around the house. Here are a few things I pulled out already.


Once we do all these little activities I’ll update the blog with pictures of all the fun we had. If you do any of these, please tag me on Instagram so that I can see!

If you want your own copy of the letter, number, color, or blank clovers click on the links below.

Clovers A – L

Clovers M – X

Clovers Y-Z & Vowels

Clovers Color

Clovers Blank

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