Keeping The House From Utter Chaos

This weeks topic is about the one aspect in motherhood I feel like I’m constantly struggling with; running the house. In my mind this consists of cleaning the house, cooking, and keeping the kids toys from taking over.

Topic One: Cleaning

I feel like every day is a struggle to keep the floor clean, laundry manageable, and dishes out of the sink.

After several years, one day I had enough of trying to figure out what to clean and when. I felt like I was spending way too much time worrying about how I was going to get things done. I decided to search Pinterest for the answer or at least some helpful ideas. That’s when I came across Clean Mama’s “come clean routine”. She had just started sharing her daily/weekly cleaning schedule when I came across it. It was a game changer for me. Thanks to her schedule I was able to separate the cleaning into two camps, weekly and daily. The house started looking more presentable everyday, not just on Thursdays. She also introduced me to some new cleaning gadgets, like the blinds duster.

I’ve been keeping with this schedule for almost a year now with pretty good succes. To be fair though I only use it for our downstairs. The upstairs really only requires cleaning once a month since it’s not used as much. The schedule has made cleaning less stressful and has kept me on top of the laundry (most of the time). I of course modified it to fit my needs, but for the most part this is how my household cleaning runs.

Topic 2: Cooking

I have a very love hate relationship with cooking. Some weeks I will kick ass at it. I’ll cook breakfast for the week on Monday, prep kid lunches during nap for the next day, and make dinner every night. Then there are other weeks where we eat grilled cheese and take out all week. There is no in between with me. I’m currently trying to figure out a plan to succeed in this area. We’ve recently looked at our monthly budget and we’re spending way too much money on going out. I plan to share my plan next month as part of my monthly goal. So stay tuned to see what it is and how it works out. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below.

Topic 3: The Kids’ Toys

I know I’m not alone on this one. It feels like my kids’ toys are slowly trying to take over my house. Almost as if they’re multiplying on their own at this point. I’ll never forget the time Bentley came up to me and excitedly told me he had two Captain Barnacles. I’m talking about the Octonauts if you’re not familiar (also, lucky you).  I didn’t buy it for him and neither did anyone else in the family. To this day, I have no idea where that second one came from. But back to the topic. I feel like this is one area I have somewhat of a grasp on.

What I do is go through the kids playroom once a month and do an “organizing refresh”. I go through all the cabinets and containers. Anything broken gets thrown away. If it hasn’t been played with or used for a while it is sent to the grandparents’ houses. Where is usually becomes the new popular toy. This system has worked out great. I do however have to do this all in secret because my four year old is EXTREMELY attached to his toys. He thinks they all have feelings and are sad if I throw them away. It was super cute at first…..not so much anymore. To spare feelings (his and the toys) this is done while he is at school.

Now this is how I keep the play room area organized.

I bought these nifty storage units from everyone’s favorite affordable home furnishing store, IKEA.

I loved this one because I was able to pick out various size  buckets, and there is space for all those big hideouts on top. These were also purchased because I was tired of dealing with the kids meltdowns when they couldn’t find a specific toy. If you can’t tell yet, my kids’ toys are like their babies. They struggle to leave the house without an action figure or car in hand. I solved my need for organization and sanity by designating each bucket for certain toy type(s). I’m currently in the process of making labels that are pictures of the designated toy type so all of my kids know what goes where (see the remote control picture on one of the left most bucket). They already kind of have a general idea without the labels. I originally tried to do vinyl but that wasn’t working. Anyone out there that does vinyl, it does NOT stick to IKEA buckets. I’m going to print the rest out, laminate, and just tape them on.

Everything else goes into the cabinets. We have a car track/building cabinet, a board game cabinet, and a learning supply cabinet. All of the cabinets have child locks on them, and the boys know they should ask permission before they open them.

We also have a peg board for organizing craft items, and lego boxes.

As well as a paper sorter and puzzle shelf. All of this has been working pretty well. It gets a little crazy at times, but this organization helps make clean up fast.

Well that’s it. That’s how for the most part I keep our house from utter chaos. I also have an amazing husband who stress cleans. Not going to lie, I know my life is going to be a little easier if he has a busy week at work. Sometimes I’ll wake up to a freshly cleaned bathroom or kitchen cabinets. What woman doesn’t love that? I hope this post offers some helpful tips. If you have any suggestions on any of my problems or have run into something similar, please share below.

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  • Mandi

2 thoughts on “Keeping The House From Utter Chaos

  1. Tracey says:

    Chris likes to cook! Most of our recipes are from Cooking Light magazine recipes and the Mix and Match Mama website. Things have to be fairly simple and quick. Usually we plan 4 dinners a week. So that leaves a leftover night(s), Chick Fil A or pizza night and we always eat out twice on Sundays after church.

    Ps: loved the tv remote in the remote bin.


    • thebakerfive says:

      I checked out Mix and Match Mama and loved it. I will definitely be trying out some her recipes next week. My goal is usually to cook four times a week. We’re just really bad about eating leftovers.


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