A Weekend With The Baker Five

This little family had another fun filled weekend. It was one of those weekends were I wish there was an extra day. But good news is this week is Spring Break. Which means my husband is taking a few days off. Yay for some extra family time!

We started our weekend off with JJ’s 3rd birthday party. I’ll be sharing that later this week along with some past parties we have had for the boys. Here’s a little sneak peek.


Saturday started off for me kid free at a local coffee shop with some other mommy friends. It was so nice to have some me time.

While I was there though I got a pretty funny text from my husband. He was in charge of picking up groceries while I was out. I had ordered them the day before.

This is the picture he sent me. img_3885

I was apparently not paying attention to the ounces when I ordered the hominy. Whoops!

Once I came back home we were off to the brewery for a little bit.

That night we had some friends come over for dinner. I made some of my favorite shrimp tacos, and they brought over some delicious sides. It’s always so nice having people over.

Sunday we attended our good friends’ daughter’s second birthday. This is our group of friends that make up our framily. We’ve been friends for 7 years now. It was a great time, even though Bentley had a rough start to the day. He had a complete shut down when we arrived at our friends’ house. He wouldn’t leave the front of the house or tell us why. Does anyone’s else’s kid do this? Eventually I was able to get him outside with his friends. Then it was all smiles. The kids played, I had some sangria, and was able to catch up with everyone. It’s really neat seeing our kids grow up together. On the way home we stopped for our favorite, Tex-mex!

All in all it was another great weekend spent with family and friends.

– Mandi

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