We’re Going On A Scavenger Hunt

Hey Y’all! Hope your day has been tantrum free so far.

Over the last few months I have realized my kids are not as easy to entertain as they used to be. Before I could get out some puzzles, the big Melissa and Doug bricks, or play-doh and they would be set for hours.

These days, those activities keep them entertained for, oh about 10 minutes. Which means this mom has to be a little bit more creative.That’s where today’s activity comes into play. I decided to take the boys on a scavenger hunt. It gets them outside, was super easy to make, and keeps them focused on a certain task. I had done this once before with Bentley, and he loved it! So if big brother is into it, that usually means little brother will be too.

I decided to make two different scavenger hunt sheets with the majority of the items the same but switched up the last three.  I added some letters and numbers for Bentley, while JJ, has more color centered ones. Here are there little sheets. Nothing super fancy.

I decided to take the boys to the park for a picnic while they did the scavenger hunt. They were super pumped. They love going on picnics and feeding the ducks afterwards.

I made us our lunches, loaded up the wagon, and put Sadie in the Ergo.

Before setting off I explained to the boys what we were going to be doing. I gave each of them their paper and a marker. Off we went.

Here they are checking off their items along the way.

Once we arrived at the park they had checked off a majority of their list. Bentley had a little bit of a hard time finding the letter “S” and the numbers. I don’t think he’s use to having to look up to find things.

We had a hard time finding a spot by the pod because of the ducks. The ducks have become a little too friendly and were pretty much inches away from our blanket. Here’s Bentley doing what he said was, “Protecting his little family from the ducks.”

The kids really enjoyed the picnic.

And of course feeding the ducks. Sadie wasn’t too impressed with that part, so she napped.

We also had a teachable moment dealing with the importance of throwing away our trash properly. JJ decided to throw his bag into the pond after he finished feeding the ducks instead of the trash can. Don’t worry, I was able to retrieve the bag.

All in all it was a great little activity. The boys enjoyed spending the time outside, searching for their items, and riding in the wagon.

Once we got home I had Bentley design his own scavenger hunt.

Here’s what he came up with.


We will use this one the next time we head out. Not sure if we’ll be able to find some of those Moaña themed items. Also i’m personally hoping that the snake is one we miss out on.

We will definitely do this a few more times before the Texas summer heat hits.

If you would like to do this activity with your little ones, here are the two documents plus the blank one. That way you can add your own pictures, colors, letters, and numbers. Happy scavenging!

Scavenger Hunt 1

Scavenger Hunt 2

Scavenger Hunt Blank

If you want to try this with your littles, give this a pin!

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