DIY Day: Adventure Board

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great day with your kiddos. Who else out there is ready for winter to be over and spring time to begin?

That brings me to today’s little project. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were talking about some of the events we were wanting to attend over the next few months. It’s the time of year for festivals, concerts, and day trips at the local breweries. We were having a hard time keeping track of what we wanted to go to, or when they were. That’s when my husband came up with the great idea of an adventure board.

I went to the craft store a few days later to find a board that would work. I decided to go with a chalk board. I figured it would be the easiest way to go about adding and erasing events.

Here is what I bought,


This whole project only cost about $20. The chalkboard was 30% off, and I caught the markers on a lighting deal a few months back.

I decided I wanted to write Life With The Baker Five in the middle of the board. Then have the events we’re interested in around it.

I added a couple of upcoming events along with the dates. We both love going to concerts, so that’s what’s all over the board right now along with a fun festival and our family vacation.


I put it over our mail storage area across from our family calendar. That way I can reference it when I do the calendar each month. We hung it using Velcro tape. Which makes it super easy to get down when it needs updating. I can’t wait to add to it and see what adventures we go on this summer.

If you want to make this too, give it a pin!

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