My 8 Must Have Kid Items

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

For this weeks Livin’ The Momma Life topic, I wanted to share with you some of the items that I cannot live without right now. Some of them are for me and others are for the kids. Over the last four years I have tried a lot, and I mean a lot, of baby/kid stuff. Here are the items that are working for me right now.

  • Milk Snob Cover

This thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed all three of my babies, so I have tried out more than a couple of covers. This one is by far the BEST  in my opinion. Now, I would say that I am a pretty modest girl in that the only person I breastfeed in front of without a cover is my husband. Which means more often than not I keep my milk snob close. What makes this cover my dream come true is that it completely covers you all the way around. No more having to worry about making sure my shirt is down in the back, or that the cover is pulled all the way to my side. I just slip this thing over my head, get situated, and feed. It also doubles as a car seat and cart/highchair cover. No more worrying about if I grabbed my cover plus a bulky highchair cover on my way out the door, and no one messing with my baby while she’s sleeping in her car seat

  •  Summer Infant Pop n’ Play

A second super useful item I recently purchased for my daughter. We go on quite a bit of play dates during the week. A few weeks back I kept wondering what I was going to do with her when she reached the phase of wanting to sit and play. That is when I stumbled upon the Pop n’ Play. This thing is light, easy to set up, with a water resistant bottom and plenty of room for multiple infants. In fact we fit about three non mobile babies in it at once.  I also love that I can take it to my friend’s homes and little miss can nap in it. No more grumpy baby because she can’t fall asleep on the couch. It’s going to be a life saver when we head to the beach later this summer.

3. Ergo 360

This carrier is great for any momma, but especially once you decide to add another kid to your family. I don’t know how I would have survived taking my son into school, playing at the park, or cooking dinner without it. Sadie was a fussy baby the second month of life and didn’t like to be put down. We later found out she had heart burn, but this thing was a life saver before our pediatrician clued us in. I would just strap her in and she was happy as can be. She also loves to sleep in it. So on days when we’re out and about, I know I can get her to nap in it.

4. Water Bottles

This one is pretty obvious on why they are needed, I’m just sharing my favorite ones. I love the insulted ones for during the summer. Texas summers can get rather toasty. That big red one is also very convenient to have around when the kids get messy. I’ve been able to clean muddy hands, shoes, and faces.

5. Snack Bags


Like every toddler/kid in the world, my kids are SNACK ADDICTS. I cannot leave the house without something for them to eat. I either fill them before we leave or have the boys do it. Then I just shove it in my bag. No more meltdowns at Target because they’re starving, even though 20 minutes before we left they were too full to each lunch. Kids…

6. Lipstick


Whenever I feel like people can tell I haven’t washed my hair in two days, I just put on some lipstick and instantly feel better. It’s the little things in life.

7. Easy Pay Phone Apps To Our Favorite Places To Eat

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my wallet in the car. I’ll get up to the register and realize I have to drag all three kids back outside. Let me tell you how fun that is when they’ve already started taking off their shoes to go play in the play area at Chick Fil A. I started keeping $15 on apps to their favorite places. I never leave my phone in the car. I just pull up the app and pay. These apps also give you rewards after so many points, so free ice cream for the kids is always a win at Chick Fil A.

8. Drink Dispenser


It is so nice that my 4 year old can get milk for himself and his brother now. It doesn’t leak, fits perfect in our fridge, and is super easy to take in and out. I just wish they made different sizes so I could put it in our juice cartons too.

That’s it! These are my favorite items right now. What are some of your go to items for you and your kids?

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– Mandi

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