Weekends With The Family

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend like we did.  As you can tell by Sadie’s face. Love that little watermelon.

On Friday I started my adventure into making baby food. I’m trying everything that I can to avoid another picky eater. I found a great free recipe book from Little Mashies to help get started.


The boys had much needed haircuts later that afternoon. They look even more handsome in my opinion. Some before and after pictures. It might not look like much but there was hair everywhere when the boys left the salon.

After haircuts we decided to press our luck and took the kiddos out to eat. We went to a local  tex-mex restaurant we’ve been going to since my husband and I were 15.  JJ has a little bit of a salsa problem. We have to get him his own bowl every time we go.


On Saturday we took a day-trip to one of our favorite breweries, B-52. It’s super family friendly with lots of room, has a different food truck every time we go, and of course some great beer. We played a Phase 10 card game, tried some fruity beers, and the kids got to run and play. It was a beautiful and peaceful afternoon.

The rest of the night was spent just relaxing and catching up on TV shows with my husband. I don’t think it can get much better than that.


Sadie hanging out with us Saturday. She loves that little walker.

Sunday was all about celebrating JJ’s 3rd birthday, and the baptism of the kids’ cousins. If you didn’t see the video of us singing happy birthday to JJ last year and this year, check out my Instagram account. He HATES when people sing that song to him. It’s pretty funny.

Here are some pictures of him getting spoiled by family members this weekend. He was taken to brunch, lunch, ice cream, and the toy store.

All in all it was a great weekend for The Baker Five.  Next week I’ll be sharing JJ’s birthday party. We’re going to his favorite play place. He’s super pumped. I’ll give you a hint about the theme; there’s going to be a cat, a gecko, and an owl.

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