Let’s Be On Time For Once!

Hey y’all! I hope you are having a wonderful day. If not, here’s a little cutie to cheer you up.

On to today’s post!

Each week I would like to share with you my goals, successes, fails, my must haves, and memorable moments as a mom. Over the last four years my kids have shown me that there is always room for growth. Anytime I think I have this mom thing down, they show me otherwise.

Since a new month is on the horizon, I would like to share my monthly goal with you. Every month I try to set some type of  goal for myself. Sometimes they’re tiny ones, like make sure to take out the diaper genie every Tuesday. My husband will tell you that one was a big flop. Sometimes they’re biggies, like potty training Bentley…….that one was a toughie. It also took 6 months not one.

The other morning I sat down with my coffee and reflected on how things have been going lately. Life has definitely been a little nuts since the addition of Sadie. Three kids under 4 is no joke. But while I was thinking, I started to realize how stressful my mornings have been. I feel like I run around trying to get a billion things done. I need to eat, get lunches ready for school, make sure my husband grabs what he needs, pick out everyone’s clothes, clean the kitchen, and the list goes on and on.

But because of all these things, I start my day off on edge. Unfortunately, my kids get a grumpy mommy some mornings. Which then makes everything worse. My kids definitely feed off my moods. If I’m calm, happy, and go with the flow; they are too for the most part. I mean they are 4, 2, and 6 Months. We have our fair share of meltdowns in the Baker household.


JJ not having it on a Saturday breakfast out with family.

So I decided I needed to come up with a plan to make my mornings better. Now I don’t plan on implementing all these ideas in one week. My goal is to have much smoother mornings by the end of the month.

Here is how I plan on reaching my goal.

1.Clothes: Every morning I feel like I’m constantly looking for jeans and socks. I’m pretty sure we have a chubby little monster living in our dryer.

So off to Amazon I went. Every buys mom’s life saver. I found this little nifty organizer.


I purchased two of these. One for Bentley and one for JJ. Sunday I will pick out the clothes for the boys for the week. No more mad dash around the house each morning before preschool.

2. Rise and shine Bentley: I have one of those weird kids (he’s weird to other moms) that sleeps late, and is an absolute PAIN to get up. I probably spend 10 minutes  just getting him up. You also have to do it nicely so you don’t end up with a grumpy 4 year old.

The way I plan to solve this little hiccup is getting him an alarm clock. Which was really hard to find. All I could find for kids were ones to tell them when they could go get mom and dad up.  Luckly, I found this fun little one.

It will be set to go off 15 minutes before I usually head up to get him. That way he’s at least stirring when I get up there. If he’s anything like his Dad, an alarm clock isn’t going to fully wake him up.

3. Prepping: Each night I plan on getting lunches packed and the kitchen cleaned before bed. I’m also thinking it’s time to start having Bentley help with packing his lunch. He loves helping in the kitchen, so I think this will be a great new task for him.

4. Bedtime: This is probably the most important, and I’m not talking about the kids bedtime. I have been so bad the last few months about heading to bed at a decent time. Night time is really the only time I have to myself. I get so excited about it, I stay up way to late. Then when my 5:30 alarm goes off, snooze is hit till 6:30/7. But if I can get to bed on time; I can get up early and have my alone time first thing. I’ll start off fresh and happy each morning.

Well that’s it. I’m sure there are going to be lots of bumps along the way, but I think it will lead to a happier Momma. It will also help with my kids gain some independence. They are still pretty dependent on me in the mornings.

What’s your morning routine like? Is there anything you swear by? Share your secrets with me.

*You can find an update on this goal here.

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Let's Be On Time For Once

– Mandi

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